zondag 6 februari 2011

PIF - Pay it Forward

Hello to everybody!

I'm back! My kids had the flu and I wasn't at my best after so little sleep..
And my job also take a lot of spare time (okay, I admit.. it's something completely in my own hands, but I like to do my best, also in my spare time!! I'm into embrodery right now!!)
I've thought of quiting my DT tasks, but Carly has confinced me otherwise, so I will give it a try again!! I didn't want to quit either.. Hope that I can manage my time without any stress!!! Fingers crossed!!

Last week I received my gift from Marina for the PIF. Thanks a lot Marina!! I haven't got a pic yet, but it's coming soon!!
So in order not to disturb the chain of the PIF, I'm looking for 3 people who would like to join the PIF.
They will receive a homemade gift from me!! I've got the gifts ready!! So who would like to join??
The first 3 people who leave me a comment, will get my gifts!!

Have a great weekend!!



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  1. Hey hunni, im so glad your staying!!! :-) i'll be happy to take part in pif!! xxx


Yeah!! You are going to leave me a comment. You just made my day!!! Hugs Alie