maandag 15 november 2010

Just in time ;)


I haven't been around lately, I'm busy with my study and to find a new job.. (Tonight I will leave some comment I promise!!) Yep, it can't be all blogging and crafting.. unless someone's know's a way to earn some money while blogging??

Today I made my card for the High Hopes Challenge: buttons!! Well this was an easy one, I didn't intend on making this card, for I had another idea when starting.. but I didn't have the right stuff.. The idea still is in my head, so maybe for next week..

Off to cook some brussel sprouts with cheese and bacon!! Hmmm...
See you soon!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. What a cute card, adorable elephant and perfect pin. It's bound to make the recipient feel better as soon as it is received. Warmest wishes, Lesley

  2. Leuk kaartje! Er zitten genoeg knopen op, of zijn het splitpennen?
    Succes bij je sollicitatie.

  3. Sorry I can't make dinner tonight!! Yeuch, brussel sprouts. But I do love your card, it's adorable x


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